Parishioners Prepare and Serve Breakfast

On Sunday, December 10th, eight St. Augustine’s parishioners delivered and served food to the men staying at the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter.  We arrived at the shelter at 6:20 a.m. with a line already formed. As we brought in the casseroles, muffins and bananas, we were followed by several more men ready to get in line.  We quickly had the delicious breakfast casseroles and muffins, all made by St. Augustine’s parishioners, on the tables ready to begin serving.  The line was continuous for almost 40 minutes.  The guys were so grateful for everything.  It is always a very rewarding experience to feed such a grateful group of people.  Our servers were a great group who handed out plates full of all types of casseroles, muffins, bananas and water.  As always, none of this would be possible without everyone who made the casseroles and muffins.  The sandwiches makers allowed the guys to have a homemade sandwich along with chips and cookies ready for the next day.  Without all of you none of this would be possible.  A very big THANK YOU from the Social Action Ministry. 


Reflection by Kathy Truex

Fun.  That was the word my daughter and I thought of as we were signing up to serve breakfast at the men’s shelter.  We were to be at the church at 5:50 A.M.-on the weekend?  As I reflect on that morning, fun is not the word that comes to mind.

We had both always wanted to serve in this way and when we got the opportunity we signed up as soon as we could.  We didn’t really have any preconceived notions of what the day would look like but we knew we would be doing a good thing for those in need. 

We arrived at the shelter somewhere before 6:30 a.m..  When we walked into the building the “fun” began.  There were rows and rows and rows of cots lining the very large warehouse looking room.  Some of the beds were empty and some men were still sleeping in them.  One man ran past us in a big hurry excusing himself to get to where he needed to go.

As we approached the kitchen area the men saw us all coming in and knew we were there bringing breakfast.  The men, I suppose, who were ready to eat and famished got in line right away-before we were even ready to serve.

We had several different kinds of breakfast casseroles, fruit, bottled water and muffins and pastries all baked and donated by our parishioners.  Everything looked so good!

Under Karen’s direction we all got to our stations and started the process of handing out food to those in need.  Some asked if we had other food selections such as pancakes, waffles etc. but they graciously took what we had to serve. 

One man cut through the line explaining to me that his friend was blind and needed help getting his meal.  He did not ask for food for himself-he was just concerned about his friend.

The men were very orderly and extremely polite.  Some thanked us as they were going through the line and others came back up after they ate and thanked us.

I wondered what their stories were.  How did they get there?  Where will they be tomorrow?  I told one man we would be back but maybe he would not be there.  He then proceeded to tell me he had been there 1 year and he should be in permanent housing very soon.  He said he had to come to the shelter as he had no other choice. 

As we left, we said goodbye to the men who now felt like friends.  When we got in the car I cried silently to myself.  The morning brought me to tears.  I didn’t realize how emotional the experience would be. 

All in all it was fun but not by the traditional definition we usually associate with fun. 

If you are thinking about giving, I would strongly suggest you do, if you can.  It was rewarding, but more importantly it helped those in need.  I am so happy to belong to a congregation that lives what it preaches and I look forward to more service with my daughter.

Social Action Ministry Informational Video

Social Action Ministry of St. Augustine’s Parish Community seeks to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ to promote the well-being of all people through social justice, love and peace. We strive to embrace the dignity of all through active discipleship focusing of values taught and implemented be Jesus for the common good.

The Social Action Ministry meets on the 2nd to last Monday of the month from 7-8:30 pm, but not every month. Some members are part of this ministry and are not always able to attend meetings. Sub-committees meet as necessary and monthly meetings have agendas and minutes are sent out to keep members informed. We are always open to new ideas for projects. members work on the projects that interest them. For more information, please contact Paul DeFelice, chairperson.



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